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JSN Pixel - Responsive template & EasyBlog support

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** JSN Pixel** is the unique Responsive Joomla Template on the market. With the built-in powerful framework it runs smoothly on major web browsers of both desktop and mobile platform.Visting the demo site you can see the special theme styling for the most popular blog component EasyBlog from .

  <h2>Standard built – in features</h2>
  • Joomla 2.5/3.0 template files included: We provide you with installation template packages compatible with Joomla 2.5/3.0.
  • Multilingual support: In our templates all wordings of both back-end and front-end are moved to separated language files, so you can easily translate them into any language you want.
  • Cross-browser compatible: The template is compatible with most of the popular web-browsers, including Mozilla Firefox 3.0+, IE 7 +, Opera 9+, Safari 4+ and Chrome.
  • Built – in SEO options: Great built-in SEO techniques which help you improve your website visibility to search engines, including SEO for Source Ordering, Website Title and Top H1 tag.
  •   <h2>Outstanding features</h2>
  • Responsive Design built – in.
  • Special built-in styling for EasyBlog blog component andn K2.
  • Diversified typography for Headings, text, links, tables, images, links and so on.
  • Beautiful image gallery run by JSN ImageShow
  • Improve visibility to search engines with built-in SEO features.
  • Free to redesign with 42 module positions.
  • Really well documented code.
  •   <h2>## Documentation &amp; Template Configuration Videos</h2>
  • ** JSN Pixel** template is equipped with the detailed documentation package including the Configuration and Customization manuals. You can download it at .
  • Easy to use with Template Configuration and Customization Videos.
  •   <p>Watch ** for getting to know how to quickly configure the template:</p>
      <p>Watch ** for getting to know how to customize the template:</p>
      <h2>Built-in Extensions</h2>
      <p>** JSN ImageShow** and ** JSN PowerAdmin** are two built-in extensions in JSN Pixel sample data.</p>
      <h3>JSN ImageShow</h3>
      <p>JSN ImageShow is the first Joomla! image slideshow that displays your images in a lively and truthful way. It can be placed on any website, in whatever size and filled with whatever content you want.<br/>

    JSN ImageShow now provides you with 3 amazing themes: Classic, Slider and Grid

      <h3>JSN PowerAdmin</h3>
      <p>JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. You can manipulate elements by using an intuitive GUI with drag-n-drop operations.** JSN PowerAdmin** supports 10 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish and Japanese.</p>
      <h3>I just wanted to say thanks</h3>
      <p>“I just wanted to say thanks. I have never used Joomla and you guys have made it so easy to use with all the support and docs. I will be updating to the next level soon. Thank you for the quick response and fixing my errors and Misclicks.”</p>
      <h3>What a great new update online</h3>
      <p>“Thanks! What a great new updater online, onsite and a great product version comparison. that’s all – just wanted to let you know!”</p>
      <p>Ann Margolies,</p>
      <h3>Free from addiction</h3>
      <p>“I was diagnosed as addicted to HTML , Style sheets and Perl. After resisting for a while I was admitted to a Joomla! clinic.<br/>

    I received JSN templates for a full week (one a day). Fortunately the treatment was successful and I am cured. Thanks God! Thanks to people at such a wonderful manufacture of truly professional templates.

      <p>Decio Elias,<br/>

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

      <p>The technical support is handled on the official and via Support e-ticket system . Please kindly include the template name, version, Joomla version and website URL . The average response time is less than 12 hours on weekdays. Support request sent during weekends will be processed with the little delay.</p>
      <h3>Template Updates</h3>
      <p>In order to get the latest version of a product please kindly submit the account request at . The latest version of a product is provided at NO additional cost.</p>
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    We don't have this item yet, but check here if we added it meanwhile:

    Search for JSN Pixel - Responsive template & EasyBlog support »

    If you have this item please contact us if you want to share it !

    Demo URL:

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