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Shopper - Magento Theme, Responsive & Retina Ready

& Retina ready This theme looks great not only
on desktops but also on devices.
What means that there are no special
requirements for your clients to
browse your website. | || But you can easily** turn off responsiveness** if you wish.

  <p><strong>Dear customers, we’ve made our support forum</strong>, to make your life easier and provide more dedicated support.<strong>We do NOT provide support in comments section anymore, only at support forum!</strong>If you encounter any problems or have questions once you purchased the theme feel free to drop us a notice at Work time: 10:00 – 18:00 GMT+1 | Working days only (Mon – Fri)<br/>

Presale questions can be asked in Presale section of our forum. You don’t need to register to post in presale section: ## Current Version is 1.3.3 (November 28)- More info below.Compatibility: Magento Community Edition 1.6.x.x (,,, 1.7.x.x (,,
If you like our theme, please, share your love with us and rate it We’ve made section to help you with some common question, that you can encounter while setting up magento theme.

  <p>| ## Responsive<br/>

& Retina ready This theme looks great not only
on desktops but also on devices.
What means that there are no special
requirements for your clients to
browse your website. | || But you can easily turn off responsiveness if you wish.

  <h2>Fully customizable unlimited colors This theme comes with flexible colors control system which allows to control every pixel of your theme and set completely <strong>different color schemes for different categories</strong>.</h2>
  <h2>Custom color schemes for categories Make every category of your webstore look special! You can create as many custom color schemes as you need and easily apply to your category by id. You can also check to apply your color scheme to subcategories.</h2>
  <p>| ## Easy Install Sample Data You can install our theme with the same look<br/>

as on preview in just a couple of clicks!

  • Images from preview are not included | ||
  •   <p>| *   *   * |
        <code>        |  |
        This theme comes with flexible slideshow that allows to adjust content alignment, width, slideshow height or even make it fluid. Also you can set slideshow as global, so it will be displayed on every page.  
        **Slideshow Examples**  
        We’ve made three examples of slideshow, with fluid, 460 px and 300px height but you can **set any** other **height** you need!   
        | ## Grid page&amp; Sidebars You can choose either to use full width layout
        or with sidebar. Also you can easily setup   
        columns for sidebar through admin panel |
        | ## Ajax price slider You can now adjust price range with a fancy 
        slider without refreshing a page.  
        Also changing such setting as page view, image   
        per page and other sort options doesn’t require  
        page reload. |
        | ## Flexible navigation menu You can set how many items to show in column 
        and it will be automatically divided to approriate  
        number of columns. |
        | ## Set hover for product images You can now add second image as hover
        for product thumbnails. |
        | ## Ajax Add to Cart,   
        Wishlist &amp; Compare You can add products to Cart, Wishlist &amp; Comapre
        in a single click, without leaving current page. |
        You can turn on/off “Quick View” option, which allows to view product details without leaving current page.   
        ## Full Features List
        *   **Responsive and Retina ready**  
            Go with the times!
        *   **Unlimited colors**  
            Control every pixel of your theme.
        *   **Unique colors for categories**  
            Make every category of your webstore look special. 
        *   **Easy Install sample data**  
            We included quick start package, so you can eaisly install theme with the same look as on our preview.  
            **Images are not included.**
        *   **Ajax shop by price slider.**  
            You can now adjust price range with a fancy slider without refreshing a page.
        *   **Ajax Add to Cart, Compare, Wishlist**  
            You can add products to cart, wishlist and compare without leaving current page.
        *   **Flexible frontpage**  
            Front page made using static cms page and it comes in too layout variation: full width or with sidebar.
        *   **Custom admin module**
        *   **Flexible navigation menu**  
            You can set how many items to show in column and it will be automatically divided to approriatenumber of columns.
        *   **Integrated Google Fonts**  
            for buttons, titles and page heading.
        *   **Slideshow for banners in sidebar**  
            You can now have a small slideshow for your promotions in sidebar.
        *   **Setup sidebars**  
            You can set columns for sidebar through admin panel.
        *   **Fully customizable Slideshow**  
            This theme comes with flexible slideshow that allows to adjust content alignment, width, slideshow height or even make it fluid. Also you can change transition effects, speed, timing, etc.
        *   **Fluid option for slideshow**  
            You can set fluid height for slideshow, so it height will depends on each slide image height.
        *   **Slideshow comes with touch navigation for mobile.**
        *   **Global slideshow option**  
            You can set slideshow to be displayed on every store page.
        *   **Drop-down shopping cart** in header
        *   **Best sellers** block in sidebar
        *   Tabbed product data, reviews on product page
        *   **Integration with Cloud Zoom** to enlarge product images
        *   **Customizable product image size**
        *   **Two layouts for products listing page**  
            3per row and sidebar or 4 per row without sidebar.
        *   Banners area in footer
        *   Compatibility (IE8+, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
        *   Optimized, well-structured and commented CSS , HTML and PHP , images merged into CSS sprites
        *   **.Psd files included**
        *   Social bookmarks for products
        *   **Product page comes with two custom cms blocks.**  
            Full widht layout, with recommended products slider, or custom content like banners.
        *   Option to enable/disable price slider in theme options
        *   **Change image on hover**
        *   Adjust default cloud zoom options
        *   **Custom logout &amp; checkout pages**  
            These page has unique design to make your website look special
        *   **Slider for Up-sell Products and Related Products blocks.**  
            Now you can show as much related and up-sell products as you want.
        *   Custom tab for product page, ready to display any content: info about shipping, returns, sales, etc.
        *   **Custom block for drop-down menu.**   
            Now you can display your custom content as a drop-down block in navigation.
        *   **Static block for Logo image.**  
            No need to upload your logo using ftp client anymore, now you can change from admin panel.
        *   **Previous &amp; Next functionality for the product view page.**  
            Now you can navigate to next and previous products without going back to listing page.
        *   You can now add home page button in the main navigation menu.
        *   Get social with Latest tweets &amp; Facebook fan box in footer.
        *   **A lot of static CMS blocks** in almost every part of the store to display custom content
        *   “Sign Up” link in the Top Links block. It will help new customers to find the registration form.
        *   **Product labels** (“new” and “sale”) on product page, in categories and on other product listings (editable from admin panel).
        *   Our theme is using SEO Friendly Design and Layout Structure. It fully support all Magento SEO features
        *   **Quick View**  
            option allows you to view product details without leaving current page.
        *   **Support and updates**  
            We provide extensive support &amp; keep our themes up to date.
        ## Updates
        **November 28 2012, Version 1.3.3**
        *   Fixed grid image behavior in IE8
        *   Fixed slideshow on sign up page ( in “All pages” mode )
        *   Fix ajax cart for ssl mode
        *   Added onepage checkout login template for non persistent mode
        *   Fixes for iphone / ipad
        *   Fixed cloudzoom 404 error
        *   Fixes for firefox
        *   Fixes for top navigation and logo vertical alignment
        *   Updated translation file
        *   Update google fonts list
        *   Added new products template
        *   Added “on sale” products block
        **November 14 2012, Version 1.3.2**
        *   Fixed listing items height calculation bug
        *   Fix for facebook css for firefox
        *   Fix for non responsive category image
        **November 13 2012, Version 1.3.1**
        *   Fixed related / upsell height bug 
        *   Fix for ajax price slider loading
        **November 13 2012, Version 1.3**
        **Bug Fixes**
        *   Fixed compare popup
        *   Fixed cloudzoom issue (404 error on product page)
        *   Fixed bug with search and cart in mobile view
        *   Fix for addthis url to avoid warning in ssl mode
        *   fix additional block margin
        *   fix cart icon alignment in FF
        *   Update quick view layout/ajax.xml
        *   Minor CSS fixes
        *   Fixed “update cart” issue on product page
        **New functionality**
        *   Added Compare block to Top
        *   Added Show/Hide option to layered navigation for large amount of options
        *   Added option to switch number of products in a row
        *   Added content background image option
        *   Added content background image for categories color schemes
        *   Added left column home page
        *   Added Lighbox for product page
        *   New Register page design
        *   Added login form for non persistant mode
        *   Added cloudzoom option to show zoomed image inside image frame
        *   Tabs changed to accordion on mobile view
        *   Uupdate mobile navigation menu
        **October 30 2012, Version 1.2.3**
        **Bug Fixes**
        *   Fixed “Price Slider” bug, layered navigation box.
        *   Fix for “Quick view” on search pages.
        *   Moved price circle options to design section in admin.
        *   Fixed login page for mobile devices.
        *   Updated cart dropdown checkout url.
        *   Fixed New/Sale labels.
        **New functionality**
        *   Added option to enable/disable “Quick view” button
        *   Added option to enable/disable “Fixed Header”
        *   Added Psd for labels
        **October 22 2012, Version 1.2.2** 
        *   Fix for bestsellers block view on iPhone
        *   Fix for search icon on iPad
        *   Fixed options bug on some servers
        *   Changed alignment to left for cart icon in header on iphone
        *   Fixed patch files
        **October 18 2012, Version 1.2.1**
        **Bug Fixes** 
        *   Fix for ajax loading
        *   Ajax features fixes for featured products block
        *   Fix for login page for iphone
        *   Fixed bug with blocks order on account pages
        *   Fixes for non-responsive mode
        *   Fixed bug related to using merged css / js
        **New functionality** 
        *   Added option to turn on/off price circle on product listings
        *   Added option to turn on/off scroll to top button
        **October 16 2012, Version 1.2**
        **Bug Fixes** 
        *   Fixed bug with header links when there are no currencies and languages
        *   Fixed backgroud color bug for fixed header.
        *   Hide wishlist and compare in list view on small screens.
        *   Fixed getLabel function – check function parameter to be product object
        *   Added note about image for iphone and image for pc in slideshow form.
        *   Fixed Twitter bug with https
        *   Fixed bug with toolbar switch bg on iphone.
        *   Fixed slideshow image bug, change imagesize parameter from image url to file system path
        *   Fixed rename slides with same name
        *   Fixed slideshow slide title in admin
        *   Fixed toolbar CSS
        *   Fixed priceslider bug, empty “shop by” box when we have only price filter
        *   Fixed cart page, missing edit icon on mobile views
        *   Fixed 404 error page (nothing happens when clicking on buttons)
        *   **Updated Twitter API url**
        *   Fixed top/footer links bug with separator
        *   Fixed add store name to options CSS url
        **New functionality** 
        *   Added Ajax wishlist and compare feature + option to turn on/off.
        *   Added Ajax add to cart module + option to turn on/off.
        *   Added option to turn on/off responsive
        *   Added menu_text_color option to overide navigation main links color
        *   Added email to a fried link on product details page
        *   Added number of in header
        *   Added option to hide second price after product options on configurable product page
        *   Added override.css 
        **October 6 2012, Version 1.1**
        **Hot Fixes** 
        *   Fixed twitter javascript error when account has only one tweet
        *   Fixes for IE8
        *   Fix – not visible old price on product page
        *   Fix global message bug on product page
        *   Added message about currencies update on theme activation
        *   Fixes for priceslider price condition – check by type not name
        *   Fixes for priceslider – filters were not applied 
        *   Fixed related title bug on product page
        *   Cache related bugs fixes
        **New functionality** 
        *   Added ability to set custom title for featured block
        *   Adjust default cloud zoom options
        *   Added option to enable/disable price slider in theme options
        *   Added back view image on hover
        *   Updated default images
        *   Updated documentation
        *   Code clean up
        Images from preview are not included in theme files.

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